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training course on xray for general practitioner

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The above program, organized by Malaysian Nuclear Agency, Ministry of Science, Technology and Inovation, Malaysia, will be held as follows:-

  • Date: 13-18 December 2010
  • Venue: Penang

This course is COMPULSORY for doctors who are applying for x-ray license (Akta Perlesenan Tenaga Atom 1984).

Please contact Mathilda if you are interested to join.

Your Investment

  • Single: RM2400.00
  • team Discount: 2280.00

Course Objectives

  • To understand the philosophy and principles of radiation protection
  • Creating awareness on the radiation hazards, biological effects and risks of ionising radiation
  • To generate the importance of right working procedure being practiced when dealing with x-ray equipment
  • To promote greater awareness on good operational practices in medical radiography for optimisation of dose
  • To familiarise with the radiographic technique and interpretation of radiograph

Course Outline

This 6-day course is designed for general practitioners with the purpose of gaining knowledge on radiation safety, proper maintenance of x-ray equipment, radiographic techniques and interpretation of x-ray. It covers wide spectrum of x-ray both in theory and practical for medical practice. All participants will be awarded the Certificate of Attendance subject 75% attendance.

Course Contents

Module 1: Radiation Safety Awareness
  • Basic information on radiation sources
  • Radiation hazards and effects of ionising radiation on man
  • Principles of radiation protection
  • Basic radiological monitoring and measurements
  • Safety measures in exposure room
  • Radiation safety audit
  • Legislative requirements, Act 304
Module 2: X-ray Equipment and Associated Facilities
  • X-ray equipment, components and production of x-ray
  • Maintenance and calibration of equipment
  • Maintenance of cassette, screen etc
  • Maintenance of dark room and processing facilities
  • Quality assurance: Image production and film quality
Module 3: Radiographic Techniques and QAP
  • Radiographic techniques for chest and extremities
  • Radiographic anatomy
  • Normal chest x-ray and criteria of good radiography
  • Interpretation of x-ray/radiography
  • Quality assurance practice and responsibility

Target Participant

Physician/medical doctor and Lecturer

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