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permai polyclinics announces launch of a brand new website

Tue, 25 May 2010 17:37:03 | News | JeevanMP

Permai Polyclinics Website in a Fresh New Look!

Permai Polyclinics Group announces the launch of the Permai Polyclinics official website with a new renovated look and user-friendly format.

The look and design of the new website is trendy, informative and much easier to navigate to find any information you may be looking for in the medical related field or services.

New features include:
  • Consumer Resources and Information.
  • Updated Photo Gallery.
  • Updated News and Events
  • Social Media Access to Facebook and Twitter.

The launch of the new Web site is a milestone for Permai Polyclinics Group. This offers our customers and community an up-to-date look at the company and our future. It's also part of our broad outreach campaign which also includes the use of Facebook and Twitter as part of our online social networking efforts.

"A social network site gives individuals an outlet to broadly distribute their messages and allows us to reach our community more effectively and personally than ever before."

In addition to having regular newsworthy updates related to medical news, the website will have important information about the latest company event as well as advertising its latest product promotions.

We are excited to offer a great informative website containing a one stop place for all your medical needs. Our new website is creating a safe dependable place for people and families to receive information about their medical needs.

So, what do you think of our new look? Send us a FEEDBACK for some improvement idea.

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